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  • Recently functionality for launching shortcuts was added to the Android app. I actually voted for this feature as it's really powerful. But I can't seem to get it to work. The action accepts a line of text with a save button. The save button is greyed out and I have no idea what to put on the line of text. I would have expected a list of my available shortcuts to select from in the same way as you can add these to your home screen.

    Can someone shed some light on this?

  • anything new about the topic of launch shortcuts?
    The app got an option for it but i can't find any shortcuts on my phone (Samsung S10+).

  • @flic-3 Ha ha! Yes. That's an easier way. I didn't realize there was a flic plug-in for Tasker, so I had gone about this the longer way. Thank you.

  • @stan888 Kind of late to the party, but this is easy to do if you have Tasker. Create a profile that responds to Flic event. Use AutoShortcut to execute an application shortcut.

  • I found a workaround.

    Here's the background of my needs. I wanted to be able to start and stop my project timers with a simple click or a double-click of a button. I had generated shortcuts with Automagic that start and stop recording time in Gleeo Time Tracker. I won't get into how I did that, as it is a very specific use case, but the bottom line is that I needed to be able to execute those Android shortcuts using a flic button.

    The trick is to create an application that will call your Android shortcut. Flic can't launch a shortcut, but it can launch an application.

    • In Tasker, create a new project and create just one task in that project. No need for profiles and it doesn't matter what you name the task.
    • In that task add a plug-in action: AutoShortcut and select your desired Android shortcut that you ultimately want to trigger with a flic button.
    • Export that project as an app.
    • Install that app. You have to enable installing from unknown sources in Android Settings. I recommend disabling that option immediately afterwards for security.
    • Tell flic to launch that newly installed app.

    *Note: You will need some apps for this, and some of them are paid, so you might have to spend a few bucks. AutoInput is an extension of AutoApps and I paid $1.12. Automagic was $3.90, but you don't need it for this. Tasker is $2.99 as of today. The bottom line is that if you were willing to pay $35 for a button, you probably can afford another $5. Regardless of that, Flic should be providing this functionality, because there are non-technical users out there and Flic is marketing to them.

  • This is a big problem. Having the option to launch my own shortcuts is essential. Without that feature, I am confined to the limited actions selected by flic, and cannot do anything custom. The whole point of flic is to automate and customize. That's why I bought the button. Not only should there be an option to launch an arbitrary shortcut. There should be options to integrate with Tasker, Automagic, and other popular automation systems. There should be an option to send and receive an Android intent as well. Please, prioritize development in this area. Thank you.

  • FlicTeam

    @jghaanstra said in Launch shortcut:

    Not liking this!

    Hello, I don't know how we have managed to miss this conversation, sorry about that. I can verify that the shortcut function on android has been removed since it was not functioning properly. At the moment we are doing a lot of rework on the android app on many areas. We will make sure to try and properly fix the function and add it again in an upcoming release.

    Once again, sorry for the very delayed response.

  • Well, that's one way to solve it. The whole functionality for launching shortcuts seems to have been removed from the app ...

    Not liking this!

  • Is there any support around here?

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