Wemo integrations broken.

  • All my direct Wemo actions have stopped working via my Flic buttons.

    When I open the action and click Modify, it does show the current state of my Wemo devices, but when I click my Flic I get the response: "WeMo: Device did not respond. Please make sure it is connected properly."

  • @nadia Can we please get an update on this? Wemo integration is the reason I bought Flic and so the product is useless to me right now. Also, Wemo integrations still work fine with services like Alexa and IFTTT so can you please confirm you are also investigating your own implementation of the Wemo integration?

  • FlicTeam

    @hello_marley We're sorry for such inconveniences but WeMo is still unstable, at the moment. We're getting in touch with WeMo and our dev team is still trying to solve this issue. We'll update soon.

  • @nadia any news on this Nadia?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Any updates to report?

    When I “modify” my WeMo settings in the Flic app, there are 6 devices shown (I have 9) and I see duplicates entries for some of my WeMo switches.

    If I hit “Search for WeMo devices” while on the same WiFi network Flic app eventually reports none found.

  • FlicTeam

    Hi! We're aware that currently Wemo is quite unstable when it comes to the 3rd party integrations like with Flic. But we're working on it and we hope to release the fix in our future updates.

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