Review: Amazing Product but at a rough price point.

  • Hey Flic Community,

    I've written up my review of the Flic:

    In summary, I think the Flic is paving the way for some really interesting technology in the automotive space, but at $45 AUD + shipping, it's a little more than the average Australian can fork out for a macro button.

    Please keep up the fantastic work Flic and please let me know if there are changes to products/price I'll happily continue to review your products.

    John -

  • FlicTeam

    Thanks for the fantastic review, John! We hope other users will be inspired by it. We also shared your review here!

    We want our product to be highly reliable when it comes to Bluetooth connection and its other electronic components, and we also want to be able to offer our users as many applications as possible, so we believe our price is reasonable for obtaining this higher quality. Also, we're constantly having promotions and discounts, so follow us on social media to catch the next one :)

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