Can't connect to hub - how do I reset it? - Resolved

  • My hubs arrived yesterday. I have set one up, updated it to 1.1.0 through the mobile app, configured wireless and attached one flic. The indicator light was amber.

    After switching off and on, I could not access it and the indicator light is red. I have connected wireless and wired, same result.

    On the mobile app, I have removed the hub and tried to re-connect, the app detects the hub, asks for the password from the base of the device and after a couple of minutes from pressing connect,the message "Connection timed out" appears.

    I have tried pressing the reset button but this makes no difference. I am unsure of the exact reset process as it doesn't seem to be documented anywhere so just tried pressing it for a few seconds whilst switched on.

    Can you clarify what the correct process is to re-set a flic hub?

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  • Thanks @oskar

    I am using a WileyFox Swift 2 Plus (Android 7.1.2) device.

    I have tried resetting bluetooth on the phone to no avail therefore applied the user data reset but a phone reboot was what ultimately resolved the issue.

    I will post back here if I have further related issues.

  • FlicTeam


    Sorry to hear you are having problems. May I ask if you are using Android or iOS and which model/brand?

    The amber color of the LED simply means that it is connected to a phone. The default color is Red and is no indication of a problem.

    When you try to add the hub in the app, can you see if the led is amber/yellow at any time in this process?

    First of all, you should try turning off and on bluetooth on your phone to make sure that it's not on your phones end. It's quite rare that the hub ends up in a broken state after pulling the power, but it is possible if you would pull the power exactly when it was writing something to disk.

    The reset button is used for a few different things, and since factory reset should be the very last resort, we made sure you wouldn't trigger it by accident.

    The reset button functions are as follows:

    Check for firmware updates:
    1-2 seconds

    User data reset: (Try this first, this will remove all settings and user data but not downgrade your firmware)
    10-15 seconds

    Factory reset: (This will remove all data and restore the firmware to version 1.0.0)
    20-25 seconds

    This information can be found on

    Please keep me posted on your progress!

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