My phone does not find Flic Hub when I first try to set up

  • Hi guys

    Does anyone any idea what to do if phone is searching for the flic hub, but does not find it?
    I could not set up the new hub, the phone is searching for the hub, but does not find it.
    I use the Apple 5 w 1A plug for the hub.

    Hub has a continous bright red light which means it is on, but phone does not find it.

    Bluetooth is on, I reset my network settings on phone, turn the phone off then on, nothing helped.
    All other bluetooth devices are connected appropriately.

    Iphone 7, IOS 11.4
    Flic app 3.2.0

    Thanks for any help.


  • FlicTeam

    [This specific case has been solved by contacting]

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