Philips Hue Hub

  • I am unable to connect my Philips Hue Hub to connect to flic on my iOS device. On the same device, I am well-connected to the Hue app, yet flic can’t locate my hub. No amount of rebooting/restarting, deleting/reinstalling, or logging out & in seems to change anything.

    It is clearly a flic issue since other apps on the same device clearly see the Hub.

    Any guidance from flic?

  • Same here,
    Tried everything possible”OS X device , 2 x iOS devices , reset the hue hub..., flic app cant discover hue bridge.

    ![76176612-1E94-41E6-9613-E02DC9303330.jpeg](/assets/uploads/files/159283478680888436EF-82FE-4346-BA24-450267056715.png 9-76176612-1e94-41e6-9613-e02dc9303330.jpeg)

  • FlicTeam


    Is this the first (circle shaped) or second (square with rounded corners) edition of the Philips Hue Bridge?

    Can you see what firmware you are currently running on the Philips Hue Bridge?

    Kind regards