Flic Hub SDK Released!

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    Hi, many of you have asked and waited patiently, so we are happy to finally push the release button on this one!

    With the Flic Hub SDK, you can start writing your own code and put it directly on a Flic Hub. All you need to get coding is a Flic Hub and some basic programming skills. You code in JavaScript using an easy-to-use but powerful API directly in your browser, and you can access your Flic Hub just by being on the same network.
    The Flic Hub just became like a Raspberry Pi, but without all the hustle of setting that up. Plus, the Flic Hub is pretty good at handling Flic buttons.

    Read more here: https://flic.io/flic-hub-sdk

  • FlicTeam

    @editdave it's written on the back of your hub. It can also be changed in the app.

  • Hello, the online SDK asks for a password, which I don't have. How would I set/reset this password?

  • OK, it was actually not a firmware version issue on the hub, but the app version. I understood when installing a fresh version on a different device.

  • Long awaited capability. Thanks much!

    However, the "Enable SDK Access" option does not appear in the app for me. Test Internet access is successful, and it reports firmware version 3.0.6; I did not find a way to force an update or if an update is actually due.

    Am I missing something?

  • Nice, thankyou.


    MQTT my first thought too - I do hope flic have intentions for a client. It may be possible with what we have already though. If you implement anything do post..

  • @admin Very nice! Small and decent API. Easily understandable.. of course the first question I have is "Hm.. do I need to implement my MQTT client? or is something like that coming in the future?"

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