New Flic 2 button says it's already connected to hub

  • I have several flic 2 buttons and a hub already in use. I just opened a brand new box of flic 2 buttons and began the install process. When I reached the part where the button is pressed for 10 seconds for the hub to recognize it it says that the button has already been setup. The button does not appear on my device list. I tried repeating the process several times with same result. I restarted my hub and tried again to no avail. Any ideas why this is happening and how do I reset the button or get it to connect? Thanks in advance.

  • FlicTeam

    @ems220 what is the LED colour and pattern on the button when you try to connect?

  • Screenshot_20210727-194002_Flic.jpg

  • FlicTeam

    @ems220 exactly what message do you get? The only time the setup should fail is if the button already has an active connection ongoing to another device (requires the devices to be in range).

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