'Could not connect' message at login FlicSDK

  • After an unexpected power-down i can't login to the SDK.
    I did not change the Hub-password (at the back)

    I do get login-screen at https://hubsdk.flic.io/ and Hub is detected.
    After putting password in there is a message 'Could not connect' in a red box.

    With the app on my phone i can connect to the Hub.
    I am using firmware 2.0.19-sdk2
    There is an option/button to change the password .."succesfull changed",
    but still the 'Could nog connect' message at sdk-login.

  • It works!

    The problem was

    • old firmware (could not update myself)
    • with new firmware the 'sdk-switch' in the flic-app was turned off, by default
      -> red dot in the sdk-login-screen
    • turning sdk-switch to on
      -> green dot in the sdk-login-screen
      -> login works!

    thanks @Emil for the directions

  • @Emil a red dot! That is on the login-screen, next to the found Hub with its IP-adress

  • FlicTeam

    @abboberg Edge v93 works fine for me. Do you see a green or red icon on a hub listed on the welcome screen?

  • @Emil I am now on Hub version (firmware) 3.0.10. But still 'Could not connect'.
    Tried on Brave-chrome-browser (with shields off) and Edge.

  • FlicTeam

    @abboberg Fw 2.0.19-sdk2 was an old beta firmware that is no longer compatible. I've removed everyone on that track to be on the current. If you do a fw update now you should get a version that works.

  • update:
    did a hardware - reset, deleted flic2-buttons and hub from the app
    reconnected to the FlicHub, added a button to the app (firmware was not changed)
    connecting with password from the back of the hub; logging in with the app works
    entered wifi-credentials again, at router (and in app) new ip-adres visable
    but still message 'Could not connect' when logging in @ flic.io

    same from desktop (wired lan) as mobile phone with Chrome

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