Flic doesn‘t find any Sonos speaker

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    Hey folks! I‘m opening a new topic as
    I just bought a flic button and try to connect it with my Sonos at home. The flic app doesn’t find any of my 3 Sonos speakers. There is only the notification that I have to connect my iPhone to the same local network as my Sonos. Yes, that’s clear and both are in the same Wi-Fi. So what‘s wrong and how can I solve it?

  • FlicTeam

    Hi! Sorry for a late response! Did you try reconnecting to the network your Sonos speakers are on and then restarting the Flic app (menu -> exit)?
    Also, make sure your speakers are first configured in the Sonos app. In the Sonos app where all your speakers are listed, make sure the speaker you want to trigger doesn’t belong to a user.
    If you've tried all these steps it should work, but if you sill have issues send us an email at support@shortcutlabs.com
    Let me know if you get it to work! :)

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