With iOS 13.2 on my iPhone X that url scheme works only, when the phone is not locked. When I press the flic while the screen is off/locked, there is only a notification that flic wants to open an URL. I need to press that notification on the phone and unlock the screen with face id, then the shurtcut starts. So that flic is useless for starting iOS-shortcuts. I can start it directly on the phone. I indended to have the flic next to my bed. In the morning I push it and the shortcut will wake up my appleTV and the tv itself. After that the shortcut is reading some short news and plays a playlist. And that all without the need to grab my glasses first, because I cant read the phone screen without them. I also tried Advanced>Internet Requests, but this one does not allow ios' url schemes. Any chance that the flic-app will support starting shortcuts? Or any workaround?